Welcome to Linda'z Lenz! I have recently started a new adventure in my life by starting a business selling my photographs. I am excited about this venture and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

For years, people have suggested that I sell some of my photographs but I never really had the time for such an endeavor. Now I am taking the time and really enjoying it! It is so much fun to revisit pictures taken on my travels through life and remembering the circumstances of when they were taken.

As I build this site I will post pictures and share stories about them with you. It may be a photograph of a "Stick Bug" taken in the rain forest of Costa Rica or the sun rising over the Jefferson Memorial in DC.

Please take a moment to view some of my photographs as they have been taken with an appreciation for beauty, nature and special moments. I have had the good fortune and opportunity to travel and photograph many wonderful destinations over the years.

If I can focus on it, I'll photograph it! - Linda